Landscape Design

Because you need to know where you are going.

Irrigation Solutions

Water is scarce. We need to use it wisely.

Care and Maintenance

Because it’s no point doing it if you’re not going to look after it.

We are EarthScape Mauritius

Service, Standards and Pride are the Drivers of our Business

We are Multi-Faceted

EarthScape offers a broad range of customisable solutions for clients in:


  Grounds Management

  Sports Turf


  Welcome Outside

In a world that is increasingly governed by social media, advertising noise and frantic schedules, EarthScape believes in creating inviting outdoor spaces to escape from the clutter of modern life. Our focus is on relaxing spaces for resorts, office staff or even a safe and playful environment for families.

   We Love the Land

Over the last 400 years, man has destroyed ninety eight percent of the indigenous Mauritian vegetation. We understand that we need to start reversing this process by artfully including endemic plant material back into the landscape in an appropriate and aesthetic manner.

Other Services

Recent Projects

Why Choose Us

   We are Passionate

At EarthScape, we place great emphasis on recruiting passionate people. In all cases, we employ for passion and train for skill because you either have passion for landscaping, or you don’t.
   Driven by Customer Satisfaction

Our teams have a single-minded approach to customer satisfaction and we strive, day in and day out, to build flexibility into our operations and make a difference our customers’ life.

   Turn Key Product Offering

Whether its design, installation, irrigation, maintenance or all four, we offer an integrated approach with one point of contact for all your landscaping needs.

Who We Are?


EarthScape Mauritius is a young, passionate and driven company with customer satisfaction as its corporate compass. We offer a return to traditional landscaping values and our growth and success in the first three years of operation are testament to the commitment we have to our clients. We do not believe there is a landscaping company that can match our passion, turn key product offering and dedication to standards.


EarthScape is a multi-faceted landscape service provider offering a broad range of customisable solutions for clients in the horticultural, grounds management, sports turf and leisure industry in the Indian Ocean Islands.