There are no second chances in landscape installation. Each project needs to be done right the first time and having a landscaping partner who understands this is vital. This is particularly true on fast track commercial, resort and sports turf installations where there is no time to re-landscape areas incorrectly installed the first time around.

At EarthScape we have experience in projects ranging from residential gardens to large resorts and our managers are dedicated to keeping up with the agreed program and delivering the required standard, the first time. We are constantly seeking out and investing in new and improved equipment to assist out teams in efficiently and effectively taking care of details such as bulk earthworks, shaping, drainage and irrigation.

With a combination of in-house nurseries and outsourcing plant material to select growers, we dedicate time and effort to ensuring that plants are available in sufficient quantity and quality for each project. Our installation motto is “Don’t stop until your proud!”, and when we hand over a project we know it will most likely be to our maintenance division so we make sure it’s done right, for our client, and for ourselves!