At EarthScape we believe that maintenance is a process driven activity. Each landscape is different and requires a certain set of activities and frequencies to achieve the quality objectives of the client. Our costing model allows us the flexibility to cater for these specific activities so you get everything your landscape needs, and you don’t pay for anything it doesn’t.

We set the processes in motion and then constantly monitor and refine the maintenance model particular to your landscape in order to generate ever improving landscaping standards. We have in house training courses for our staff to bring them up to speed with what is required and we select and invest in equipment that allows flexibility, quality and efficiency in the workplace.

We do not see our maintenance work as a contract with an end date, but rather a relationship that requires a great deal of commitment to maintain long into the future. We advocate a high level of personalised attention and we are careful not to stretch our managers over too many sites in the name of increased profits at the expense of quality and customer care. Because at EarthScape, it’s personal!